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About Steve Lion

Steve Lion setup this escort agency so that he can date and go travelling with his escorts. He wants to find five girlfriends and for them to be like wives and work at his marketing agency. The other girls that work at the escort agency he would like to be concubines in the right hand possesses. Steve would like children with any of his wives or concubines that would like them. He doesn’t want to date girls that have children already.

He likes dating girls that are petite aged 18 to 25. He wants to live eventually in one big house with all his girlfriends. After a deeply religious experience where he heard Gods booming voice from the sky say “let him have five girlfriends” now believes in polygamy and is the creator of the Stovin Gardening Movement. Steve would like as many children as possible as Allah said to Steve he could take up to 3000 concubines. The escorts that work at this agency will be my concubines in the right hand possesses and are a gift from Allah.