Being a Male escort women ceased power

I am not that bothered now women have ceased power. If they want to do the hard work while we stay at home so be it. It sounds fine. Just watching TV and being a kept man. As long as the women treats me nice on a date and they are fit and attractive I’ll probally date them and I might settle down.

God puts on a big show

God is amazing and decides to teleport the girls Lee Stovin knows as Lucy, Elle from escort Center and Laurie jade woodruff so they can be my babes and run my massive companies together and we are all rich and can afford what we want. Both Lucy and Lee never want to leave Lee again because he is kind, a good lover and a great guy. They will be come to lee stovin’s garden and wait for me to let them in. They will knock on the door.

Don’t miss out on a sex life start dating

When I was younger I spent tens of thousands on strippers and on clever girls that would lead me on for a free lunch and presents and it never got anywhere. I wish as I got older now I have little sex drive and missed out on a sex life that I had more sex in my late teens and early 20s. I have probably had sex less than 100 times in my life. So I wish I went to a match making dating website early on where I knew the people I was dating was interested in casual sex. It is not nice to be nearly 40 without having experienced having a sex life, traveling and having companionship. It is even more annoying when you think all I have done is pay for strippers cars, children and houses and I could be living in a big house. So I say date girls and guys at my escort Agency although sex isn’t on the cards and things might develop and you might move onto a relationship with each other at least dating escorts is another road you can go down to meet people you may like.

The kind of escort I would date

I am very selective to the kind of escorts I date. I wouldn’t want to waste my time and money on women I don’t see any future with. I would rather let the money keep rolling and earning interest while I wait for the right girl. So this is the type of model escort I would date.

  • Green eyes
  • Blonde hair
  • small breasts a cup
  • slim
  • A tattoo of a hummingbird above her pussy
  • english speaking
  • supportive
  • intelligent
  • Doesn’t give me drama and does what she is told
  • Doesn’t have any children
  • Wants children with me
  • Aged 18-22

Why would I date an escort. Well I feel uncomfortable going from place to place without one and don’t drive so I need a professional escort as I am a very important person.

Escort photography

Good Photography is important part of an escort profile. A lot of clients want to book an escort based on their looks. When looking for a date to meet a long term partner they want to quickly jump to the kind of girl they are interested in on their looks first. I myself go for girls with small breasts. I think it is because I am a cheetah cat instinct and want my girls to be fast at running to catch up to me. If the escort model doesn’t want to show her face, rather than bluring the image the face should be hidden or cropped out which results in a better photo.

Dating escorts

They broke my heart and I loved her 💓 so I made a Sheild it is for my family she didn’t want me so I keep it and carry it so I can’t be used by women again 🦋

I wasn’t allowed to see my lover as they manipulate them and they started manipulating me so I made a sword 🦁 and I control the dating system of my Zoo.

The women ignored my messages for no reason as I tried to help them and save them and live a nice life with me. They ignored me I now keep my armour of gold. 🐝

They attacked my physchology with projections. I made a helmet 🦅

They break into my house and steal everything for my children I tell a girl I love I have a business for her and I keep walking up the mountain ⛰ 🥾

I am about to climb onto a horse 🐴 women need to quit right now…

Mckenzies said blow up his phone.

Mckenzies started laughing my friend from the army. She said the best way to wind up that nosey Parker is to take his SIM card out of his phone and say Lee blew it up. When the money gives in. Sell it and bye things for the baby. For Lee gives it as hot as hell but has a heart and isn’t as scarey as the shouting end of the lions 🦁 flaming sword. So babe kill him without killing him but do it carefully and with love for Christmas is coming and he enjoys cigarettes so don’t waste your money on him and tell his mates that’s what he wants but kill him if you love him with money that’s expensive of c-cigarettes as Lee has a heart but if you want to go to the extreme you tell him to smoke devils poles and go to hell as strippers are expensive and I want him lonely very lonely for I find it funny that he will be up there smoking while we are on a ship dancing and when I say dancing I mean bed room dancing as linen is expensive and even beds are expensive ask three bears 🐻 golden locks. Beds are really expensive for I know Nevaeh and heaven is expensive really expensive. Especially when I go hunting and I mean hunting like a 🦁 and that’s really toothy as a potato 🥔. So keep them cushions ready for one day you may need me and I will be expensive so very expensive. Why are you expensive Lee? Well it’s not expensive to work with me just not to know me as things will just keep breaking. It’s just targeted analytics that advertise you products that keep on breaking early as that’s how my bees 🐝 friends will make some money and get honey 🍯 as air genius is expensive so don’t mess with our Lee!

Lee has a heart now love him and give him milk and honey.

Escorts explosive 🧨 orgasms

So I sit at war with other escort agencies, some escorts and a nosy Parker and three bears 🐻. There is explosions in the background as I plan things very carefully. So very carefully. I tell the girls I will look after them but they need to feed me. But the girls think we don’t need you to feed us you already fed us and we walked away carefully. But I say what you walking back to they won’t be there when you get back think carefully. As time, money and energy is expensive and my orgasms are dianomight .

Just think Lucy bubbles and pots and think carefully for I am expensive and I don’t wash my pots not for even £1000. So think very very carefully and smoke your strawberry 🍓 c-cigarettes and come back for a cuddle and think my Lee has a heart and he will destroy them carefully and he tells Nevaeh come to Lee’s as he stings like a bee 🐝 very carefully like a transformer robot car bumblebee really carefully. I would be scared to as Lee is fruity. So I tell Charlotte cheap armour of gold cheep cheep like a bird. But we don’t talk about it much as we are very stealthy as like air is genius so we stay really peacefully and keep climbing like a mountain lion 🦁 really really strategically and when we get to the top we look around at the top at what are good eggs very perfectly. So girls keep smoking and will you hunt for me? One with cigarette of grass and one of strawberry. For Lee thinks very carefully when deciding . Very careful when deciding. 👰 💒 🎩 .

So Lee wants his girls to be happy and orgasm so he will go down there. Just if you decorate it with a hummingbird.

So I think about Lucy the escort and how I will destroy them.

So I sit my phone running low on battery as it hasn’t had time to charge as it’s just morning. I think about the escort stripper Lucy and I was imprissioned and tourtured for no reason and I lost her and I don’t know where she is. Because of a women on a phone that didn’t want her to come on holiday with me but just to use her for her body. I think about the escort Bonnie who hurt her anckle and the stripper Chelsea who’s boyfriend I should beat up for abusing her and telling her to get out that car really nasty. I think I might just destroy them all. For I have a good heart and am a good lover. But when my sweethearts get taken advantage of I start climbing really peacefully and keep climbing. Because the thing about is when you get to the top you have gravity and I can hurt them badly. For I wanted to get married and now they have upset me. So I would be scared because accidents do happen. It doesn’t take much for a transitor to blow up very unfortunately. Because you have no idea who you have upset. It is Us Stovin’s and we are now angry. So if you have been a nosey Parker I would run. Because analytics is clever and fixing things is expensive and flights are even more expensive when you went all the way up to three children and hurt Lee. Very unfortunately. I would be scared when you post pictures with Emily. Really scared. Because Emily could have been sexy in my bed. Nosy Parker’s we don’t kill we do things carefully. So be worried and keep smoking that’s right keep smoking for I am still climbing. I hope you like heavy lifting.

US male escorts just keep on climbing

So I wake up this morning at base camp ⛺️ I check my bank account and I have earned my £250 interest. I put it in my Micheal’s shield account which will be for my children. I pay the interest of that account into Chris’s account which is the money for my future son Chris to spend on dating women that not of our level. Us Stovin’s like to help charity as we like to help the community. I want our Chris to go to stripclubs etc in the future and do a bit of fishing’s as it is good to try and help the less fortunate that can’t manage to keep their mental state in a good position to marry a quaility man. But this money is only for the bar man and not the strippers as being a good Christian is thirsty work. So Chris spends his pennies of our Micheal’s on strippers just because he is thirsty for himself. But they should buy Chris a drink should the strippers as they one day may need him. Especially if they need a doctor.