You snooze you loose!

#yousnoozeyoulooze Stay warm at highwayman have a drink 9pm, foresters #adwick for 10:30 🕥 #McDonald’ redhouse coffee ☕️ and cream stay awake drinking and talking to girls until 10am then markem grange for breakfast #alcaholaware #doncaster 

It may be cheaper than having your heating on this winter.

Escort Agency taxes

My escort Agency doesn’t run on electric, water or gas. I get it free from topping up at friends, family and restaurants. I don’t charge my girls any fees. I get some of my hosting free, it is sponsored by advertising.

I grow my own food and have it donated.

Yet I still can’t seem to compete. I don’t think people are paying their taxes correctly. 

Flaming sword 🗡

So this is a flaming sword do  you know what carries a flaming sword? An angel! Look higher in the search engines for angels.

Now be scared we are going to cut the head of the beast the angels lead the way while the lions hunt meat to feed it. 

Now I say I want to be married!

Under the mistletoe!

We are not amused! 

For I have great plans pudding.


 🦋 Your last chance marry me ends at the end of the solar year 21st December – you have all had enough time 

Christian gardeners

For the Christian gardeners who rate their religion as ‘very important’ to their daily lives finding a suitable partner can be  tricky. 

That’s why at Steve Lions Escorts we try to find escorts that deliver on their expections of being sweet kind girls that like helping the environment and gardening. That have been brought up well to respect men. 

Christain gardeners look after Mother Earth Gaia and celebrate the harvest festival above other traditions. It is the moment of the year they see the fruits of their labour that give them to strength to endure until summer when new fruits arrive.


Free escort Agency – loss leader

The the girls went seriously Lee, you don’t have to pay any fees at Steve Lions Escorts 🦁. Nope I have decided it will be a loss leader to generate traffic to my shop and other business ventures. Just give me a cuddle in winter time to keep me warm and this lion is happy. 

Angels keep advancing

For you see snake 🐍 what you have to understand is I don’t like to loose and will pass all my authority to angels of north if I am not to be married. 

I remember you Satan that night at quintessential finance and you asked me to join you.