I’m protective over my girls

I am very protective over my girls. I only let them date nice, gentle caring men at the agency and I give them an education and the tools they need to be successful in life. I don’t let them date bad boy idiots.

They can earn an extra income and start a career at www.stovin.co.uk


These are some names I’m going to call my escorts and help them have great lives:

  • Bonnie
  • Chelsea
  • Emily
  • Lucy
  • Jade
  • Emi 🦋

In the future …

EMI is like totally a good name. Say what!!

Emi says what a date with Steve and Emily. Having steak and then chocolate brownie. Remember when you laughed on the phone at the restaurant and the phone fell out your hand. Is Emily still dating that footballer?

What T shirt shall I buy says Steve? and I hope you like your cardigan.

Emi says I just love how it feels on your skin talking to the checkout girl.

Thankyou for the hot chocolate in the shopping Center.

Emi introduces Steve to her friend in the shopping Center. Then on the way to his car she walks fast thinking Steve will walk fast to catch up with her. But Steve purposely then slows down and goes and looks in the shop window. Thinking I’m no woman’s pet. It’s my pace or not any. Emi should have known back then Steve is an Alpha Male that has limits that can’t be crossed.

No girls over 24 years old.

Who is Steve Lion?

🦁 My son Steve is a handyman / plasterer plumber. He likes going to the gym, fishing trips with his babes and best mate in his truck with mattress in the back. He looks after his sister emi with her home improvement projects. Emi does all his marketing for him at Stovin Advertising. He sorts his best mate who is really intelligent at sixth form with older girls to date from his escort Agency www.stevelionsescorts.co.uk his dad gave him at 17.
Steve loves the drums and he built emi’s horse stables.

How to try a pull a successful business man

Ask him if you will film you stripping and rolling around on the bed. Then ask him to delete the video straight away.

Introduce him to your hot friends, travel far to see him and give me just £5 and pretend you can’t afford to buy dinner. His instinct as a provider will make him feel protective and want to feed you. Skip down the strip flashing your knickers with your skirt and say if I don’t pull tonight they all must be gay.

When you talk to him now and then touch your private area to draw his attention it’s called NLP  🦋 also say “I love it”. “Totally” and “say what” in a high pitch tone a lot.

Stealthy mention that he should have sex with your friend in the hotel and she will watch.

Stalk him everywhere turning up at places he goes by using a complicated network of friends in the area to keep an eye on what he is doing while pretending your not interested all the time.

Tell him you love him then pretend your not interested so he starts chasing.

Get professional photo shoots done which make you look a lot better online, so when he sees you on social media he remembers you looking more attractive than you are and try’s to forget that you pick your nose.

Then later in the future you look back and think that’s a regressive memory.

Hire High class business class escorts such as our Laurie at Stovin’s.

We offer professional therapy at Stovin therapy to help them after years of abuse from partners.

I won’t date any girl after their prime of life or who has children, I want to date them in their early 20s and want long term relationships with them. I am a funny, nice man who deserves to spend the best years of a girl with me.

You won! I lost. Congratulations


Anyway … I’m looking for a model to join my agency and work as a copywriter she must impress me she should like eating steak as I cook a good steak and know a great steak restaurant in Birmingham and be prepared to study physchology.

Now love start singing and saying “say what” to win and impress me. No one older than 21 to apply. You win all my businesses to run such as Stovin Advertising and keep all the profits but I retain ownership. “Get your power today”.

See I can pull you bastard! And you won’t even see her.

Things you will enjoy with me:

  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Music festivals
  • Paintballing
  • Holidays – cruises
  • Meals out

This is a marketing test to bring the right type of person into my life who’s souls match and who enjoy the same things in life and who can run my business.

A conversation between a mother and daughter

A mother talks to her 18 year old daughter on how to pull. First you need a good photograph. Put the camera above your head, look up, pout. Take about 50 different shots until you get one that looks ok. Then use apps on your phone to decorate it with butterflies and angel wings. Then share it on social media.

My venture into escorts

I first started seeing escorts after my dad died myself personally as I was depressed but I hardly use them. Only for taking me out and company.

The first escort I saw was a girl from Mckenzie’s called scarlet back then and later known Bonnie. I saw her a few times took her out around Doncaster town and paid for her meal. I saw her a few times. I once went to Leeds and we just spent the time kissing.

We had a date outside of the Agency and I met her between jobs in Leeds city Center. She told me she would like to work for my marketing agency for free and then after then the agency stopped letting me see the girl. I then met another girl there I told her how much I loved Bonnie. I wanted to take this girl out dancing but she was wanted to stay in my house because she couldn’t contact her boyfriend. We ended up having sex she was very wild she told me about all the sex parties she goes to and wanted to go to one in London. I wasn’t interested. But she did become a friend briefly I tried to get her out of escorting suggesting she did Web caming and tried to get her to work for my business but her boyfriend was controlling and wouldn’t let her work from our office in Armthorpe the old coldbear building.

She came down to see me in Birmingham with her friend Emily and I treated them both to a steak dinner. It was nice to see them.

Apart from one or two I didn’t see escorts for many years until I met Neveah and Elle and a couple of others from escort Center. I didn’t really like any of the girls there except Elle known as Lucy we got on really well together and we did sleep with each other a couple of times until I tried to take her away on holiday and the agency stopped me seeing her.

I saw two more escorts afterwards from angels north and I have not used an escort service since.

I started this agency because I got sick of agencies controlling girls and not letting them form attachments to men.

I hardly ever sleep with escorts just the ones I really like I’m really selective.

Whats wrong with you girls why don’t you want a relationship I am attractive, kind, gentle. Why choose complete idiots as boyfriends?

Best of luck ladies anyway. I will try and find a new girl.

A true romantic.

Would you like some Jam?

Give us this day our daily bread. Lee says would you like Jam with that? As lee thinks love 💖 is important too.

So once a day why not pop and have a nice conversation with a date over bread and Jam. Maybe you can talk about our lord Jesus Christ or our amazing angel Gabrielle who helped spread the scent that pollen is near.

Psalm 78:25


I am the hunter

My dear sexual Lucy.

Just to let you know the type of man I am. I have spent virtually nothing on food this year. See my bank account. But if you come and make love with me tonight I will feed you meat 🥩 and keep you warm. Gardening season is over sweetheart.

Escorts without children please

A recent survey that I conducted showed that an overwhelming majority of men want to date single women that have had no children already so acting as a match maker I have decided that I won’t hire any escorts that have children already. This will ensure that I can meet our clients expectations of what they are looking for in potential girlfriends.

When interviewing them directly they said they are looking for a traditional family life of a wife and their own family.

Tattooed escorts

Steve Lion supports models escorts who want to decorate their bodies with tattoo art. We will support the cost of tattoos for models who want to decorate their bodies with artwork inline with our brands. These include:

We pay £1000 per year to advertise my brand name Lee Stovin on your canvas body.

I hold auditions once a week with models.

Call to book an appointment on 07796617570.


Best pubs in Doncaster

Here is my guide to a list of the best pubs in Doncaster town Center. They are great places to take our escorts out on dates.


The Mallard is a great pub located in the frenchgate Center which is close to the train station and bus station. Get there early as their cooked breakfast goes up quite a lot in price after the morning.


To be continued…