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The power of Mohammed’s sword

The power of Mohammed’s sword

Mohammed pbuh was a great prophet and to my revelation by God is the prophet of earth because he conquered lands by the sword.
I myself Uriel the prophet of air has had enough so has crafted his own flaming sword of an escort website and directory.

I was forced to do this as I dated lots of escorts but even though I was really nice dating them they wouldn’t settle down with me or have my children. So they stripped me of two properties and my car.
So after the last escort that I paid and dated who wouldn’t have my children but had another mans child I thought enough is enough I need to win my land back for myself and my people.
So the sword of an escort directory is forged. The girls will now pay me in advance to be featured on it so I can once again buy land. These girls are servants of the right hand possesses won by the sword so have the added bonus that they are permitted to me to date.
This new war will be fought online so like Jesus says:

”Sell your cloak and buy a sword” I say “sell your home and buy a sword”.

Girls still have one chance with me to have my children and not other men’s children that I would have to feed. Then they wouldn’t have to pay to go on the site which is less risky to them. I take the risk.

  • I did the battle for water for Jesus by breaking out of mental Hospital and collecting rain water at Ripon cathedral for Father so I once again might see the escort Elle at the harvest festival.
  • I did the battle for air as uriel by growing my own food to give me free food.
  • I now do this battle for Mohammed to win land for my people “circles”. Mohammed has one hell of a punch.

Jesus taught me how to fish. I learned how to grow up as Uriel and Mohammed taught me how to hunt.

I come to you as the prophet Uriel to give you one last chance to convert before the tide of wealth goes out and your only option is to be a servant.

Flaming Sword