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Leeds escorts

Leeds escorts

We are now ranking well for the term “Leeds escort agency” at position five in Google but we are not yet ranking well for the term Leeds escorts.

Leeds escorts

I am yet to understand why we are not ranking well for the term Leeds escorts when we have a landing page designed for it. This term is what the majority of people in Leeds search for for looking for escorts or girls looking to join escort agencies in the area. So that is why I am still struggling to recruit escorts. I do have a microsite ranking low down for the term Leeds escorts www.leedsescorts.co but I am struggling to rank this any higher. I have avoided link schemes like other Leeds escort agencies that rank well for this term. I will just have to wait and see if it ranks but so far I am pleased with my progress in the search engines and am getting good traffic.

The voices on Tv said this would help – its God

I might be nuts but God on Tv said this will help and will convert in time and that I’m “red hot”. I’m nuts but I’m ok with that. Babe will you join my escort agency and upgrade me – partner. Babe will you help me build up my account? That’s a good look! Meanwhile the drugs will continue in the garden. How do you think I got this far … Laughs. Actually I’ve been growing food. 🙂

We need to sell jewellery

Our long term solution should be to sell jewellery to people from out online store.