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It has to be £500 for the first hour

It has to be £500 for the first hour

It took me along time to finalise my pricing model. I wanted the escorts to be affordable but profitable to all involved. There is a huge cost involved in setting up a websites and marketing it through SEO, social media and directories so I have to charge 50% to make it worthwhile for me and at that price I would still make a loss probably. So for the first hour I would make a small fraction of the cost that I spend on marketing.

Then there is the cost of getting ready and travelling to a date. An escort could take an hour getting ready for a date which is time you don’t see.
The cost of travelling to and from an appointment across Yorkshire.

This only leaves a little for the escort which she has to pay tax on. So the escort still needs to get at least one booking per day to make it worthwhile.