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All the big Yorkshire escort agencies have banned me

All the big Yorkshire escort agencies have banned me

All the large escort agencies in Yorkshire have banned me so I have to run my own escort agency just so I can find girls to date. *Laughs

Mckenzie’s escorts

Mckenzies escorts was the first escort agency I used to visit over 13 years ago. I was banned because I talked to a couple of girls about setting up my own agency but didn’t.

Northern belles

Northern belles was the second escort agency I visited based in Doncaster. The girls wasn’t as nice as Mckenzie’s escorts. However they banned me when I had my first attempt of setting up an escort agency. But they was upfront about it and wished me the best of luck.

Escort centre

Escort centre was the third escort agency I went too.  I really liked seeing Elle but they wanted to control the situation and I wasn’t running an escort agency at the time. But they was just controlling Elle and not letting me see her as I think they was scared she would leave the agency for me. So that’s the reason I started my own escort agency again.

Premier Leeds

I was upfront to premier that I was setting up my own agency. They don’t mind and let me see their girls.

Angels north

I was upfront with angels north about running my own agency. They let me talk to a few girls over the phone during lockdown but then just started ignoring me once lockdown was over.