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3000 carbon capture babies

3000 carbon capture babies

I would like to work on a model of producing my own carbon capture babies from my seed. These babies wouldn’t themselves cause any carbon emissions but would absorb carbon.

I would do this by:

  • receiving free clothes
  • Not using any carbon dioxide emitting vehicles
  • living in a green home
  • growing our own food

How do carbon capture babies work?

Every time a baby eats some food, they absorbs some carbon as they grow into adults. This carbon is then stored in the ground when they die as an adult.

Funding for carbon capture babies

Stovin advertising funds carbon capture babies by paying £12000 to the mother for every baby she has of his.

Think about the toilet in the forest it all turns to carbon capture soil. That’s Webmarkable thinking!

My babies shout, “Allah I want more juice”

Father says use “microbiology” my son.

Increase food tax by 5% so people grow their own food.

This is where things start going backwards and the carbon goes back into the ground like the dinosaurs.

Allah says circles can’t do a 69 they must have babies with their girlfriends and servants.